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I'm not jail bait, far from it. I am a beautiful woman, even if older. Aging gracefully, or so I hope and have been told. So my fantasies could be realities with no guilt about that part LOL.

You know, over the years I have seen millions of women in films about his concerts and have been like 'right, he is one sexy man, who WOULDN'T want him?' you know?

While I was never attracted to a sixty year old in my 20's, I have always been attracted to Ozzy. Because he was in his 30's when I was in my 20's. Now, i am 45, and though it's rare to think a 60 year old sexy, there are men older like he is that I find sexy. I didn't like him when he got crapped out on drugs. But now? Yummy.

He's just Ozzy! He was my first love for goodness sake, when I was 13. Ya know? Those day dreamy things young girls do as they become women - my friends were freaking about these boy toy types, Leif Garrett, Willie Aimes. Me, I was rocking with the hard rocking Sabbath and so hot for Ozzy LMAO. Crazy girl. He just was so gorgeous in those days. I just pray my daughter who is every bit as beautiful as Momma in her young days has much wisdom in her so she survives the crap of teen years well.