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The TIME is NOW RIGHT to follow through with this!

I serriously need EVERY ENGLISH, Welsh, Scotish, Irish (Northern i'm affraid) Isle of Man, Isle of Whight, Cornish Oznoid to read and let me know how serious you are about the Prince of Darkness!

With the tour and Album coming out the time is right to purse this goal! Having briefly scanned the Queens Offical Birthday Honours list, SADLY OZZY was NOT listed. SO COME ON and let me see you.

Once I can see how serious you are, I will start the offical ball rolling, and let you know! THIS will then mean EVERY OZNOID can send letter(s) to the folk listed to try and persude them to KNIGHT OZZY. Arise Sir Ozzy Ozbourne of Aston.

So come on then, what are you waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 1