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I Belive as an unknown West Midlands Actor who I have been told by a number of people I look very much like Ozzy, I should be considered for the role of the main man. I spent a time some years ago performing with a sabs and Ozzy tribute band. As for the spoken voice I have even been told by some Im almost a sound a like although in my own opinion I have not exactly got an Aston Accent but sound like some one from a area about 5 miles from where Ozzy was born but I could develop the accent so I sound closer to Ozzy my singing voice is almost exactly like ozzys for most of his material. I Do remember some one in a rehersal room coming banging on the door of our practise room thinking Ozzy was there the funny thing is Tony Iommis new Sabbeth line up were practiceing next door. Iommi complained at our Guitarist saying he was too load. I would also be very cheep and would work for about £500 per week with a percentage of profits or maybe even work on a profit share basis