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Hey, for those of us who are going, it's going to be a great time. In the sun, surrounded by fellow metalheads, rocking out to great music, hearing bands play for freaking hours on end, topping off our afternoon with BLS and Drowning Pool, winding into a night on the main stage with Halford and Ozzy F#CK!NG Osbourne.

If I had to say how I want to spend my day and night, this is one of them. I want to spend ALL of my time listening to great music and enjoying being around others who have that same love pumping in their veins.

While I might not know of nor care about some of these bands Blasko is bringing to the stage, many people do know them and have appreciation for that style of music. It's not my cuppa but okay, I can roll with things.

You know, I went to Vegoose several years ago knowing some of the bands but not many of the others. And guess what? I heard Mastadon for the first time live and was blown away, they were very good even though I did not know a single song they sang. And Michael Franti & Spearhead, I would never have heard his music if I hadn't had an open mind and went to the fest to see him along with Muse and Rage.

Same thing for a couple Ozzfests. I didn't know Hatebreed, nor Atreyu, nor many of the other bands, but by heading in through the gates I got exposed to talented bands out there on the market that ROCK. As much if not more fun to watch than bands I "know" because they bring me a new talent I'd never have had enter my reality otherwise.

It's all about rolling with the flow, followin' what comes. Seeing the good s*** along with the bad. Nothing I have ever seen at an Ozzfest is "bad."

Now on the radio, well, that's a whole different story.