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Pictures in his undies (LOL)...I'm laughing, because you know ... deep down inside (silly grin/blush) I would love that too (lols).

I'm sure if there were any such pictures they'd for sure auction off for a pretty price ;O). [Darkblade beats all the other women off the photo's, snarling - ;) ]

I read once that he said he was "chubby" in the 80's. I kind of have always thought he looked really good. Except in some outfits, like the one for Diary. What was Sharon thinking. OMG the red leather yodelling suit. Heh heh...that was hilarious. I like meat on the man though. He's never not looked good except when he bleached his hair blonde right after Sabbath... which I didn't like at all. And when he was haggard during the Osbournes and that whole pill/drinking hitting bottom thing. Even then, he was gorgeous...but it made me want to reach right through the screen and take his hand, and say "hey! we all love you Ozzy, come back, please!" It broke my heart, frankly. Still does to think about it. I'm glad there's been a definite shift, and that's long in the past.

You can see he's back in his interviews, when he's hanging out, and when he's on stage for sure. He looks gorgeous and sounds fantastic. What is it about Ozzy LOL!!! OMG...I'm hopeless. sigh.