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awesome, thanks for sharing. no Fire in the Sky though :o(, and my all time fav is Back on Earth. but I understand, those are very high notes. I will hug that one to my heart and blast it from my speakers till the day I die!!!

So glad you were there, and your son. Now how cool is that? That will be a memory 4Ever in his mind of "back in the day." LOL ;) I snuck out for my first concert / Sabbath of course. My mother would not EVEN have EVER gone to one. My sons both saw their first with tickets I bought though my first used one I had bought for myself and had a blast. Times were tight, and I just knew he'd never forget the lineup or the day. He was 15. He came home so pumped! My second son I took to a festival with 3 bands he liked, I sat at the VIP lounge and had a couple while he rocked out. He was 15. I was there for the second band but couldn't stomach the headliner. My daughter saw Metallica with me and her brothers. She was 8 lol. We all went that day, it was amazing and so fun!