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wow, that would be a dream for my daughter. she loves Ozzy. i am going to take her to see him when he comes around in concert. Ozzfest isn't the type of place I'd ever take her, not in a million years. she was sad to know i'd be seeing him live before her, because i promised her a concert with me seeing him. i told her we just have to hang on a bit more, his live dates would be announced soon, and she can take it to the bank that we'll be going and she'll be rocking out with me. she's excited. my 16 year old doesn't care for Ozzy. he's into the equivalent of disco right now though, so go figure. lol. he was into death metal for a long time. he's just spreading his wings!

i'm jealous that you've gotten to see him already, twice never mind. and am anxiously awaiting August 14th when i'll be in your shoes!