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Silly man! :o) And hey! Didn't this topic say "Women only!" You voyeur!!! :o) LUV YA ANDY!!! JUST TEASING!!!!

I've got the one where Ozzy's facing the doors with nothing to speak of between the camera and him on the back end. Cutie toot-toot. LOL. Wonder if that is from the shoot you speak of. LD mentioned another picture being available with more to show than something tucked away. I'm not sure that is the case. Really, who would have that and why would they? This conversation is making me blush Andy!!!

I have one of him in the raw from the early 70's that was printed in black and white...Geezer and I think Tony are in the picture too. But you can't see anything THAT way. They're in some kitchen. Also, there were pictures onstage where Ozzy is singing and everyone in the band is naked. If recollection serves me, you can't see anything there either but it's clear they're nekkid. Some dark haired woman is the only one who you see THAT way.

So anyways, how did we end up talking about him naked and that equating with Ozzy being sexy????

The attraction for me goes WAY beyond a naked body's the TOTAL MAN who just does it for me. It's his ordinariness despite extraordinary fame that just makes him so lovable to me...I think he'd probably be fun to talk to, with a great sense of humor.