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Hello everyone.

Its a great pleasure for us here in Greece to watch at September 25 Ozzy live!!!
I believe that most of us would like to listen to old Ozzy tracks but also some Black Sabbath stuff.

It would be nice from all of us to post wich set list we would like to listen!!!

Ive made a set list of songs I would like to listen from Ozzy at September 25,please reply wich songs you agree to!!!

Ozzy solo:
Let me hear you scream
Facing hell
I just want you
Mr Tinkertrain
Miracle man
Killer of giants
Bark at the moon
A diary of a madman
Mr Crowley
I dont know

Black Sabbath stuff:
War Pigs
After forever
You wont change me
Psycho Man

Thanks for your time!!!

Lets Get Crazy!!!