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Everyone calls me OZZMAN, for obvious reasons. Been following OZZY sense 1970. Have no ideal how many times
iv'e seen Ozzy. I have a room dedicated to Ozzy, full of memorabilia.
Check out my website=
Now to my story : It was August 21, 1981 Evansville,Indiana ** WE fought our way up front ( we were always
up front), Def Leppard opened, i like Def Leppard and they were good, but we came to see OZZY.
Then out came My Madman = OZZY, he opened with " I Don't Know " fu-kin awesome, followed by one of my favorite
song of all " Crazy Train ". I have a Ozzy tee shirt with the words " mental wounds not healing" airbrushed on
the back, i still wear it today, ( been duplicated ) a few times.
This was one of my favorite Ozzy concerts, and iv'e been to many. Ozzy kicked ass and showed the music world
he was a force to be reckoned with and still is today, but Randy Rhodes, that little dude showed the world how to play lead guitar, he was awesome, unbelievable, not enough words in the dictionary to describe him. A
true Guitar God. " Love him and will always remember him ". We were cooking that night (acid), times have changed, we all have. Those were the good ole days. Ozzy ended the show with " Iron Man" and " Paranoid".
" What a FU-KIN Show ", still remember it like yesturday.
Iv'e met Ozzy back in the ole days but would love to meet him again and get a photo. Been trying for years
to get a contest going in Indy. Have fans take photos of their rooms dedicated to Ozzy and the best 10 or so
win up front tickets and get to meet OZZY. Just take the photos to the radio station who is at Ozzfest and
let them judge. " Thanks for listening "
See everybody at Tinley Park, Aug. 17 " Never miss an OZZFEST "