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Since Ozzy is Sabbath along with Ward, Iommi and Butler, I'm not sure why you say "Ozzy and Sabbath are friends again." That's a somewhat weird way to state things because I think you agree - Ozzy is Sabbath too.

Maybe what you mean is have Ozzy and Tony Iommi settled their lawsuit. And according to the news, the answer is yes. All articles say that they have not released the details of their settlement.

I want to know whether it's now equally owned, the name Sabbath, as it always should have been. There will only be one Black Sabbath, the 4 young men that shook the world with their doom sounds all those years ago are it. No other singer in Ozzy's place ever cut it.

Lastly, according to Ozzy in the same articles that discuss the lawsuit settling, he said he is not saying never to working together with the band again.

I think some resentments in Butler and Iommi will have to be set aside before that's possible personally. They have said some things in the press that lead me to believe that there's something up with them in terms of their perception of Ozzy. It's not respectful. Particularly given that Ozzy helped revive the integrity of the band name and elevated their stature in the Rock world by featuring them at Ozzfest.