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The lawns are looking like a jungle, So they wil have to be CUT!!!! The second phaze of the rockery will should have the next phaze applied tomorrow! Roots and bulbs to be removed, and sand dug intothe front half! next time I go to the warehouse it wil be more bags of compost! So at least two 70 lt sacks will be dug into it! So the Rosemary bush will go at the back, and suckulants at the front I will also have to put a splash of colour in somewhere! may be marigolds?

Then the one corget has died, and I will plant a tomato in its BIG pot.

THEN I will have to remove stray grass, weeds, etc from the veg plot!

THEN somewhere along the line I must Skype my Friends! Please take note!

Then to bed for 2100 BST as I have to start another two weeks of 12 hour days! wonderful! I just can not wait! At least it will cover the service on the auto! Merc's are ot cheap to run! hahaha try getting a good mechanic, as I have! Mind you, it will still coast a lot, BUT at least I will have peace of mind for a long time to come! Merc wasnt £600 to service a saloon, so what for a VAN?