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I'll get started.

First, not to say this as a disrespect to the talent of the bands being featured this year, but the type of bands that are on the tour are way too dark and speed metal for me.

I really had hoped that Ozzy would put together a tour with musicians from across the music spectrum, sort of along the lines of [this is a hyperlink ->]<a href="">Vegoose</a>. (You have to click "Lineup" to see the bands). Now that was a two day festival (which, by the way? was amazing!!!). But it didn't just stick with all the same kinds of band. So I could get out the freak from all the kinds of music I love. One hour I was the flower child with Franti & Spearhead. The next I was the metal head with Mastadon. The next I was the techno computer geek with Daft Punk. The next I was the political rebel with Rage. Ya know?

I have not a clue who most of the bands playing this year are. While I am open to hearing them and will, I am sure, have a great time regardless, I would not have paid $150 to see Ozzfest if Ozzy wasn't playing. That money (and trust me, in this economy it's tight) is for me to see him period. I am pleased that Rob Halford is there, and I am pleased that BLS and Drowning Pool are also. I am not real sure of Motley Crue. I have distaste for their piggy ways personally with women. We are the other 1/2 of human existance after all, and being filled with silicone isn't our only function. If Ozzy didn't play? I would not see any of those bands, even for the $10 lawn price. I wouldn't bother!