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There are thousands of metal fans in Portugal although we don't have regular metal fests here! So, being a metal fan, is at least the same as being a ozzy or/and a sabbath fan. I had a ticket to the Ozzfest (perhaps 2 hrs of a show) but insted i ate my diner watching him play Paranoid to the queen (something like 2min and a half)! Then, years later, Heaven and hell were about to play Portugal... RIP Ronnie! No Sabbath tunes in Portugal by anyone of the original line-up.
Mr. Osbourne, we know you're not geting younger but we really love you! Personaly, i will take to the grave the sorrow of never seeing RR. Please, let us see you. God bless you.

PS: hey you! whoever you are! The guy that reads these comments to Ozzy! Make sure the message follows the destiny.
PS2: i know who was the woman on the first Sabbath cover...