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Well the year was 1985 and I was 15 years old. I already was an Ozzy fan when I went to the first Rock in Rio to see him alive. It was amazing, he had realesed Bark at the moon and was playing with the talented Jake E. Lee, a f...great guitarist!! (although not my favorite album)...Well, I think Ozzy made one of his best live performances in Rock in Rio Concert, he as truly inspired and I still can remember, as if it was yesterday, he waving his arms in a frenzy, with his tatoos exposed and eyes wide open as a raven...and for my surprise, almost 25 years after he comes back to Rio!!! Now, my son has 15 years and (naturally) is a huge fan, and I take him to see the Prince of Darkness on his first live concert!! Now with Zakk Wylde on stage the show was incredible and I saw a surreal moment when Zakk, in the middle of Paranoid, the crowd out of control, decides to throw his bulls eye to the crowd (man, you lost it!!) and seconds after (surely he forgot he was in Rio-You're in the jungle, babe), after figuring out he wasn't getting it back, decides to jump in to the crowd and "fight"for it"!! Well, he came back with a neck and a couple of strings!! Come on Zakk, how many of those Gibson gives you??!! Well, can't end this withough a few words on Diary, for me THE BEST OF THE BEST!! Its Randy's masterpiece, just check out the intro for Diary, the's a classic, dark, great solos, drums, bass, the band is perfect...what about over the mountain and believer??!!! So many great songs you just won't see anymore in a same album!! Unfortunately, I never saw Ozzy perform Diary of a Madman, for me, one of his masterpieces along with Mr. Crowley!!
Long live Ozzy and Randy, eternal with their music!!