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No idea what the method to the madness is. He only played 6 sites in the US. Some were disappointed that he didn't play where they wanted him to so they didn't travel, and they missed out on one HELL of a show.

I wouldn't read things as a personal offense though, no way. Ozzy loves his fans everywhere.

My guess is that in light of economic waters they only scheduled a few sites at this time. Also, Ozz' touring sober, and keeping dates spread out probably helps keep things from becoming too much of a stressor. He toured like a madman that all in the past 40 years. He should have the right to tour at leisure, you know?

BTW, I drove 1200 miles to see Ozzy. Europe isn't that big. Why aren't fans willing to do the same thing there as here?

This is Ozzfest, btw. He still has his Scream tour.