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Some say Oz Bear is real!

Some say that Oz Bear is lost on his way to Mexico! Yep there appears to be a problem, BUT I am on the case

Some say that Oz Bear lives in Germany and splits his time between homes!

Some say that Oz Bear Lives here in England, and I can confirm that he does

Some say that Oz bear has two homes in Canada, but is keeping a low, a very low profile!

Some say that Oz Bear lives in PA, and AZ

Some say he has 3 homes in NSW, and one in Tazzie

And some say he lives everywhere!

You can follow the adventures of Oz Bear when i have the time to update them on my Facebook pages. So why not spend the approximate £20 and order one. If you live out side of the UK, then you do not have to pay TAX on them! Then get in contact, and lets us ALL see where Oz Bear goes, and What his adventures ARE!

So let us hope that i do not have to work many more very long days!

It would be nice to know WHO Soapmactavich really is! Any ideas?