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agree, wholeheartedly. But if that is a kid, meaning teen, that may be the moon. Beyond conception as to how to get there. Safety is beyond paramount, especially given what we know happened to one Morgan Harrington and countless other fans too I am sure over the years...

I went across state lines for Sabbath when I was 15 back in 1980 but only because a family member (a male cousin and his friends) were going and they took me along. Not safe to hitchhike or go with someone they don't know. Nothing wrong with saying that...I can empathize. However, I can relate to what you're saying too. Ozzy isn't going door to door. He's picking and choosing venues.

If that is an adult? Pshaw. Get your ticket and stop complaining. Do it! I drove 1100 miles round trip in 2.5 days to see him in San Bernadino. If it means something to you, it's worth it hands down with this lineup. Some people in other countries are driving way further!