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not in particular order but heres a few
Kiss: I wanna rock n roll all night and party every day,

pantera: its god d**** electric! domination consumes you and calls you a friend

Megadeth: Sweating bullets!, in the eye of the tornado! blow me away

slayer: ill trap you in the pentagram...

black sabbath; generals gatthered in their masses, ELECTRIC FUNERAL!(also in the low tone voice), children of the grave, etc. :)

AC/DC; Cause im T.N.T, im your niiiiigghhhtt prolwer i seek in the day, back in black! i hit the sack!

Van Halen: Panama, hot for teacher, might as well jump

Peter Frampton: do you feel like we do?

Ozzy:CRAZY... BABIES! Mr crowley!! ON his way to dinner, crazy... but thats how it gooOOes

Metallica: Master.. Master, wiskey in the jar-o

I sing all these songs on a regular day basis lolz

Rock N Roll man!