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I think that ozzy has an amassing sense of humour, droping one of his motions into geezers wifes handbag when he was younger, setting Bill Ward's beard alight, soaking his adoring fans with buckets of water! Yep I think that he would love one!

Just had acknowledgement from KALA, that her Oz Bear that was ordered in September has arrived, so like several others look forward into ther Oz Bears travels! My Oz Bear had a cracking day out in France yesterday (271110) and had a lovely pub lunch today!

LD's has a wonderful life in Germany

Blades has a wonderful life in Arizona, and vacationed in LA

Cecilky's is having fun in Tasmania

And the Gimp's is running riot in Australia

And we have another in America and another in Germany.

So the phenomina of Oz Bear is spreading across the globe!

If you have one let me know so that the others can see your Oz Bear having fun. It will then mean becoming a facebook buddy of mine! shock horror!