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i'm glad you and the others are continuing it on if that is what makes you happy - you know, it floats your boats :o). like i said, i moved on after the thrill passed.

and, yeah!!! of course i know Ozzy has a sense of humor. but somehow i don't think this would captivate him to the extent that it has some. just a guess. i know he loves his fans, but really.

i guess i am a spoil-sport. the floppy noodle. the wet blanket. the piece of fuzz on an otherwise delicious looking ice cream sundae. i thought it novel for a time, but now it is no longer interesting to me. yes, i did take mine to LA on vaca. and yes, it was fun posting my pics, especially the one with the Nightmare Before Christmas guy and some of the ones with HB. but long-term? it's not a replacement for me for real engagement surrounding Ozzy, his tour, his music, and interactions with other fans excited to be experiencing him at concerts this year. that is where my heart is.

ouch. is that why we've not been connecting lately? because I feel this way and have said so?