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Best to start with my all time favorite song, from Ozzy, <a href=""> "Back on Earth" ( )</a>

I drive almost 2.5 hrs a day to work and home a day. I sometimes play this song over and over, because the visuals that come to mind are just mind-blowing with this song for some reason. It reminds me of movies of angels and immortals, big time. The Nosferatu style video Ozzy did was very cool, but my imagery is more The Prophecy, Constantine, Legion, or City of Angels.

I have fallen from grace, and my ashes are scattered
No longer of passion and flesh
My flame is alive, though my wings have been shattered
They lay my body to rest

My spirit is breathing, my senses are pure
Like reincarnation, my soul will endure

Back on earth (3x)
The spirit, it never lets go

Like fountains of sorrow, the faces are crying
I'm witnessing all of their pain
Death is so final, for only the living
The spirit will always remain

Bury me deep, just to cover my sins
My soul is redeemed, as the journey begins

Back on earth (you feel me/reveal me)
Back on earth, the spirit it never lets go

Another dimension, a river of life
I'm twisting, I'm turning, my soul is in flight

Back on earth (you feel me/reveal me/still breathing/reliving) 2x