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Ah yes. Never in my life have I come across a song that speaks of the sadness inside of me with such perfection. Kind of funny that the song was written after Beethoven lost a dear friend prematurely to death. It was written in his grief. To me it just says it all. The version I have is played a bit slower. But this one, it's done exceptionally well despite the tempo being slightly faster. Just gorgeous.

<a href="">Beethoven: "Moonlight" Sonata, 1st movt. ( )</a>

But the one composer who I love more than anything? Hands down, Chopin. This is another song that is just so beautiful...ok, ok, it's more than one. <a href="">Chopin Pianoconcerto No.1 Romance-Larghetto [Sa Chen]( )</a>

So take those beans and fry them!