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i think that is the beauty of music. each and every day if you remain open to it there is something new to hear and amazing to fall in love with and wonder at.

there is something about music that touches something in a dimension beyond hearing, it engages the imagination and transports us better then a novel or a great movie into another space in thought and emotion. is a composer from the 16th century any less of a master then a contemporary artist writing music today?

i don't think so. :o). it's an enigma. artists endure from a short time to a long time, sometimes based on nothing more then a whim, fate, kismet, or what have you. the measure of greatness is not in the time they are with us, but in the legacy they bequeath us in what they create.

i think music is fascinating. where it comes from, why it strikes us like it does. all of it.