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So, it's not a video. It's a link to an album from a band I saw at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, TX some 7 years ago now. Just spun them at work today. Checking on where they are today, they played at Mayhem, right on. I knew they were on their way last time I checked in, they were in a contest but frankly the new style they had adopted was not working for me. It seems they have returned to their roots. Magic.

Anyhow, the lead singer came up and was talking to me and the guy I was there with during their break, and shared some shots with us, on him lo.. He had a bone in his nose, straight through the middle cartilage. :oP ouch! Very nice guys. And talented, you could just hear it. I could. I got the shivers. In part because of them, I LOVE Austin!

This is a hyperlink to it --><a href="">The whole album is amazing. A fav song is called "Revulsion."</a> It's from their first CD. "Thorn in My Side" and "Thanatopsis" are pretty evocative, ya know?

In a weird way, the lyrics remind me alot of Ozzy's style. If you listen to more than this song, it's a great album. Yea, it is a bit harsh. But it's still great music.

This whole album has meaning to me because I heard this band the night I told my ex to go fu@k himself and began living for myself instead of for "us." After 11 years, not an arbitrary decision. But a long over due one.

A fitting way to begin my new life, hearing a really amazing band. I'd never heard them before but just really loved their music. They gave me my CD. I still have it, in fact I burned other playable ones so my original doesn't get worn out.