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Here is a fascinating article: <a href="">Click here to read, it's short</a>

Ozzy says: I'm almost 62 and I still love a good old game of Where's the Salami?" However Sharon may not be such a fan as the Black Sabbath singer joked he often has difficulty convincing his wife satisfy his needs. He added to The Sunday Times Magazine: "Getting anyone to play it with me is a different matter."

Sharon lays it all out in Extreme. she's disgusted by sex mostly (the word frigid comes to mind, perhaps because of abuse by her father). she says EXTREMEly rude things about Ozzy and sex.


that is the QUINTESSENTIAL irony is it not? sooooooo many women think he's so hot!!!!

Here's this woman's response: I'll play Ozzy! For reals.
I've loved the man since forever!
Anyone else?