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A gunman went to a rally by Gabrielle Giffords and shot both her and it sounds like about 20 other people, at the present time 6 fatally, before being stopped by others by being wrestled to the ground.


What kind of reality do we live in where monsters hide behind every otherwise innocent day?

Not by a long shot am I saying "me me me" as if locked into self-absorption. what I'm saying is...this was very close to home and it's scares the be-jesus out of me.

it never ever used to be like this. and yet today? this kind of thing happens at fast food places, restaurants, post offices, grocery stores, malls, in private residences, on the freeway, at concerts, in schools, on flights - it's everywhere.

this is what happens when you glue people 24:7 to the television. when magazines like RollingStone turn from being a music medium to being a vehicle to pump political agenda into the homes of the masses. when media interferes with government we are in trouble.

that people jump on this kind of tragedy and push political rhetoric without thought reminds me of Stalin or Hitler era stuff. i shiver to my soul.

idk. i'm tired. it's been such a hyper night of sleeplessness. so many thoughts, so little sleep