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Hi Ozzie,
My name is Diane O'Malley and have a 15 year old daughter who's 16th birthday is Feb. 24th. She had read your biography for an English assignment for school. Since she read that and heard you were going on tour, she thought it would be awesome to see one of your shows. (I would too listening to you growing up). Unfortunately there are no dates set anywhere close to where we live which is in Moscow, P.a about two hours from philadelphia. Being that her birthday is in Feb., I would love to be able to get her to one of three of your shows. Feb. 3 in San Jose which would be cool because I have a sister in Campbell California which is the next town over, Feb. 18th in Tampa or Feb. 22 in Jacksonville. This would be such a cool presant for me to be able to get her for her 16th bday but being a single mother, coming up with the money is impossible, and I know she would actually love to meet you in person. Any suggestions?
Thank You-Diane O'Malley My email address is