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Wow. You're not alone, blades. There are so many things wrong with this world, I can't even believe it. War, murder, suicide, genocide, discrimination, terrorism, many things that are all linked to two things: hatred and pride. And what's sad is that there's people who don't even care. They're all like "Oh, it's not me, why should I care? Let them solve their own problems! We do!" No matter how hard anyone tries, there's always gonna be something else. Wars can start from simple things like religion, politics, race, and ethnicity. People hate the president of whatever time they're in so much that one selfish lunatic murders him. People hear the news and are furious, but they don't even do anything to try and stop it. But then again, what can they do? Except hate? I myself actually used to hate people at school for stupid reasons like insulting me or getting me in trouble, but only because I was really bad with bipolar disorder. Medication has helped greatly though, and has even led me to an epiphany, that I'm going nowhere by just hating and being mean to people who are actually nice to me, like people hate me for no reason, and I'm working hard to change myself and mature, unlike some other people I know, like one who was more mature in 8th grade than he is now, in 11th. Now if the rest of the world can have their epiphanies, maybe we can all feel safe. Remember Communism? It's still around today, everywhere. I'm talking parents and teachers who censor what their kids or students see, say, and do, like it's gonna have any positive effect on them. And then they wonder why their kids hate them. I've been writing this for like three quarters of an hour. I guess this is enough for me.