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I'm glad you're doing that Asylum. I am trying too.

It has been like looking into minds of someone like Hannibal this past 18 hours. I was transfixed by the sheer amount of hatred and venom coming out of the people posting on articles. Several hours lapsed, in fact a day has, and I visit to find some of them are still there spewing the exact same hatred and inciting violence.

To me? It is that kind of person who is a danger to our society imho. They're dogged, seething with hatred and spewing it on the masses purposefully. I do not like that kind of a soul.

To me, they are the future mass murderers, rapists, abusers - people who loop. It is a sickness, and we unfortunately have to coexist in reality with minds like that. It is horrid.

That, my friend, is why I am a loner. And have always been one. When they do personality profiles and I answer the questions, two things come out. a) I have an uncannily keen knack to identify people for who and what they are about, and b) I tend to not want to interact too much.

It's not from hatred, it's from a desire to control what comes into my consciousness. I don't need toxic abusers, so I tend to control access to my inner zone.

Anyways. Thx for sharing. I have been somewhat beyond comfort here for some reason. It is nice to know a little candle flicker is out there at times like that. You know?