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I pray for the families of those victims. All my love goes out to them. I know all to well how much hatred is out there. I think most of us do. I also pray for anyone who has any form of mental illness. I have a mother who suffers from paranoid schitzophrenia and a younger brother who suffers from it as well. My mom is in an asylum as we speak getting treatment. My younger brother has learned to stay on his medication partly from watching some of the crazy stuff my mom does when she refuses to take hers. Mental illness can be controlled in most cases through proper medication. These antipsychotic medications have side effects as most medications do but they are usualy a lot safer than what can happen when they don't take them. I am pleading to all patient's of any sickness at all, please take your medication as perscribed. Your families and society wants you to stay healthy. We don't like to see just how bad you can get when you refuse treatment. Peace to all!