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Ah, the Westboro Baptist Church sticks their hateful noses in things again. Using a lyrically changed Crazy Train was outragious, but this, this is just plain hypocritical and one of THE most infuriating things I have ever read/heard. Oh the child was born 9/11/01! She MUST be a messenger from Satan! Actually, I doubt she really was, because they're just spreading propaganda. If I was at a funeral for a relative who was at war and those hate filled excuses for human beings showed up, I literally, without question, would go up to them and punch one of them. Hopefully, they'd start hitting me, hopefully so hard and repeatedly it'd kill me, just so they could get sent to prison (Gran Torino anyone?) or even executed (which is what I'm hoping for). Maybe others across the country would join me, until they're all put away or executed. Here's hoping!