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I know Ozzy loves us all. And wants everyone to be happy.

I know his setlist comes from wanting to bring joy to everyone's hearts.

But he needs to realize that TONS AND TONS of NEW fans have come to him BECAUSE OF SCREAM! And TONS AND TONS of current fans think SCREAM is the best album in many, many, many years!

Not playing more from his album is like him hitting the road with Randy Rhoads and doing 9 songs from Sabbath and 1 from their Blizzard album. If Ozzy had done that in the day, where would he be NOW?

#1 it doesn't showcase his current talent!
#2 it's arch-conservative, pushing the past (familiar) vs holding to the new!
#3 it keeps fans from hearing an album that is very relevant and rocking! who else is gonna perform it?