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Ozzy has many fans over the years, and has many hit songs, yes he's doing a scream tour,
but i myself along with other people, would be disappointed if he didnt play any of his songs from
previous albums..
Granted. Ozzy still has amazing vocals,but his new album has only really a few popular songs,
in todays style of metal music.. which lacks amazing guitar solos!!
Ozzy knows how to put on a show, and to get his fans going. & he will give the fans what they want.
& clearly long time ozzy fans and even new, would want to hear music from Sabbath and songs from his albums
such as Blizard of Ozz, and others.
Its what hes famous for..If fans wanted to hear todays new sounding music, they would go to other shows, besides ozzman. Just my opinion, and how i see it. (: