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Don't know why.
The album is great, my fave Ozzy album in a long while, would really love to hear about 5 or 6 tracks from it live, but sadly its not to be.
I remember watching him back in 1995 supporting Ozzmosis and he played nothing from it, later in the tour he added a couple from it tho,but why oh why won't he play more from Scream I really can't understand. When Ozzy is been interviewd maybe the interviewer should ask him why this is, instead of the usual s***e he gets asked in every interview, stuff we've all heard a thousand times.
When the tour started off last summer I could understand just playing the one track from it, but as the tour rolled on I thought more would be added, Let it die, Diggin Me Down, Soul Sucker, Life Won't Wait and Crucify would all be great live, c'mon Ozz, add them to the set-list.