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Here here Fozzy! Even people writing articles are asking why. Which is what I attempt to translate here in this discussion. Good or bad the way I put it, it's been a question buzzing around as I have watched press and fans react to his tour. Because he doesn't have more than one song from Scream! And a whole new lineup is with him.

I love Let it Die, Life Won't Wait, Crucify, and Time. They ROCK!

So, shall it be "the next album" always? LOL. On 'the next album' these men will play their own songs. I thought that WAS what Scream was! Not to mention, he said this was 'the Scream tour!' I like to hear musicians "at home" with their own songs. I want to hear Gus G, Tommy C, Adam W, and Rob B rippin' what they wrote out to the crowd!

I must say, the two shows I went to recently were fantastic. They always are, some much more than others! I think LA will forever rest in my heart as THE most beautiful experience I have ever had, ever. I've loved the POD for 35 years, and what I saw really touched my heart. Even if he did only sing one song from Scream. I've been with him since the Sabbath days.

It was kind of the same way with Slash. He played 3 songs from Slash, and I wanted more! The trip down GnR lane was a bit too much ([GNR 'Rocket Woman' & 'Nighttrain'] and ['Mean Bone' Snakepit]). Of course he can't NOT play 'Paradise City,' 'Civil War,' or 'Sweet Child.' But we all know that he's going to do them and want that!! That'd be like Ozzy NOT doig Crazy Train. It just would be weird.

Myles can sing the range, sure. But who cares?! I love 'By the Sword,' something Slash only now plays in his solo tour but no longer with Ozzy. Even though he DID at the earlier shows. Major bummer! Love Slash's Velvet Revolver stuff, 'Slither' too. I love 'Fall to Pieces.' BEYOND love it.

When it's toooooo much the past though? It makes ya feel like something is missing.

And, thanks...I know what you're saying. I've followed Ozzy for a long time (35 years). and in between times I don't listen to Muzak lolz....I am a big rocker. by that I mean I keep up with all the latest in the metal and hard rock and 'other' scenes. always have!

Scream is HOT. aside of 'Let Me Hear You Scream,' it doesn't get included on the stations that play mostly Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, and Linkin Park. but that doesn't mean many who listen to those bands aren't listening to Scream.