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Ok so, the show was totally amazing (:
I sadly wasnt close enough on floor level to get sprayed but a lil ways to the right, but he still
seemed so close to me!
He sang the song war pigs which was my dream song for him to sing, and he did (: I absolutely love the song,
I kinda lost my voice a bit... When it was all quiet when the song was over and he was getting a drink, I screamed
I LOVE YOU OZZY! jumping up and down and clapping, and he looked over my way and did a big goofy smile and raised his arms to form a cross :D <3

As for Slash he was alright, he seemed pissed off about something, I think it was cause his singer Myles kennedy was all mad cause no one knew his songs and said "your here for ozzy right?" and we all cheered.. so maybe Slash was irate that he said that.

Gus. G is like eddie van halen and Randy Rhodes put together, this kid is so talented i literally was clapping and screaming and then i just froze in awe, when he played his solo, sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps. Probably going to be the next great guitarist of my generation (: Im confident that if him and slash were in a duel he wouldve blown Slash away.

I didnt get to take any pictures sadly because i had no camera, but what an amazing night.