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...yep. Gus G is one sexy man. that's for sure. why, watching the show I was struck with how sexy a man stable there is up there onstage. playing the music of our souls. i mean, what equivalent thing do we women have of sexiness embodied so stirringly in our boring freaking world? nothing. zip.

first, there was Slash (who I would have to disagree, because I think his riffs are far more well defined and melodic and memorable then Gus G, but only because Gus hasn't had his shot to write and release stuff for fans to know and love yet, and just because Slash is a living legend, but I understand why you might feel that way - especially if his show was off)...Slash is just so gifted. watching and hearing him, I was in tears with so many of the note by note solo's he has written that have held such deep meaning in my life. hearing him play them just ROCKED my world!

Adam Wakeman is tall and elegant, with dignity, a great sense of humor. he's like a long, lanky lion ... with incredible talent, a bit of shyness that he should DEFINITELY get over (he's like 70's rock stars, just such sexiness... yummay!)

Then you see Mr. Athletic Tommy Clufetos putting his freak on the place with his drumming like "Animal." Unreal, and so very sexy...

Then you watch Blasko striding around like a black puma ...passionate, mature, intense, rocking, dangerous...pirate. just intensely beautiful to watch playing.

and then you have Ozzy. just a flick of his fingers and I'm with you girl, on my feet screaming and jumping. the humor, the dimples, the constant motion, the riling of his crowd. watching the light on his face and the angles he faces us in, flashing me to when he was 20, 30, 40, and so on...throughout the years. just strumming me in my soul for how many memories I have of his beloved face and music. it's insane! because of the meaning he's had to me since I was 12, and I'm 47 now, he's just the ultimate beauty ~*

i have to say, nothing graphic in THAT way would ever even TOUCH how intense my visuals were just piqued watching them from 3rd row. OMFG girl. lol. someone joked that Gus G with the fan is like a rock and roll Favio for women. I'm like "he doesn't need the fan, but sweetie, it sure looks FINE!!!" but the thing that was AMAZING was when he played standing right in front of me, with magic fingers, all of the classic tunes and solo's that I love so deep in the center of my soul. You know? GOD that was amazing.

that is very cool that Ozzy did that... i had similar experiences. In Phoenix given how far back my daughter and I were, I wanted connection to him. I screamed his name when others were quiet and it did seem he'd look my way. a couple times. of course he wouldn't have seen me way back in row 24... the row I got because Comerica sold all the front half of the theatre to markup resellers.

then just before the band left the Phx stage I screamed "Ozzy! I love you!!! Ozzy!!!" and he paused a second right that last step before exiting the stage.=o).I thought that was awesome too!

I think he heard us girl!