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Aww Geezer. Why!
As a fan since the mid 70's, this is very very disappointing news. Why can't the man put aside his ego for one second and give Sabbath fans what they have been waiting for.

Ozzy has been rocking the house down all over the world. The man is a legend. Geezer is a control freak, that's all I have got to say. A bratty selfish control freak. He was in 1979, he is in 2011. So, as was the case in the past, without Ozzy, Sabbath is no more in my book. This is the final rift. The final insult. They are gone. FLUSH! They have been since 1979 anyway. All they have ever wanted of Ozzy since that time is fame by association anyway.

ps. I saw Dio with Sabbath in 1980, and he just never did a single thing for me. I saw a far too short man (he was in 18" boots) trying to reach the microphone in a silly black leather suit so unfitting for the summer weather with really frizzy hair. I'm sorry, but that was my honest impression. I never have liked his voice except for a rare song, and only in part because Lord Almighty he was way too long-winded. The songs just never ended. And the person with a recommendation of Vinnie? You can't be serious.

I will leave you to have fantasies of something with great grandeur. Enjoy it in your small wee venues with your couple hundred other mutual fans. Ozzy should have shaken the dust of this set of backstabbing lot LONG ago. I support what Ozzy wants to do. To have this insult AGAIN, wow. F* Geezer Butler and F* the lot of you who don't respect Ozzy Osbourne.

Serious fans of Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward would NEVER find this to be "good news." This is horrible news. But it is all I expected from the man who wanted Ozzy gone in 1979. All we are seeing is Geezers true colors. For those of us who thought they'd changed, it is the perfect reminder.

~my post from the site

I'm sorry, but I'm f***ING PISSED!