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Second post.

Wow, steaming mad to read this...
I'm sorry, but reading this article made me STEAMING MAD. As in literally HOT stuff coming out of my ears 2 feet from my head.

First of all, Ozzy did not commit to this concept though there was some discussion of it being tossed around in the media. Then, he DOES say something about it would be cool to do a killer reunion album, for a fitting closure to an epic band.

THEN WHAT HAPPENS? 1979 ALL OVER AGAIN. Geezer slides the knife in ONE MORE TIME to all us fans who loved the classic 4.


I did NOT support Ozzy going backwards and reopening his heart and life for this band again. He's sober and it COULD be fantastic, but inside? I didn't want him to even consider it. Because who wants Ozzy to waste his time on guys who already INSULTED HIM TO THE BONE back in 1979? It took a big heart to not let that stand in the way of what he thought might be cool to do with his old friends. Friends INDEED.

This is the ULTIMATE insult to every single fan who gave their hearts to all four of these men back in the 70's and thereafter. ALL OVER AGAIN.