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it's tough I'm sure to have such beloved songs as your measure. though I can empathize with the pressure that must bring, I kind of agree with what BC is saying. fame and big bucks are all about stepping up way high in quality and effort. Gus has said that Ozzy likes and has encouraged his own take and individualization on the classics. whoa. when it comes down to it? i want to hear them as written, especially the solo's, not as he or anyone wants to 'interpret' them. non-musicians can recall every note a guitarist plays; why can't a technically proficient whiz do the same! not doing so ends up sounding unskilled or worse, lazy and complacent. like it's not worth the effort to learn it right!

Gus has the ability to learn the songs note for note. when he plays them that way, fans freak. the first concert of two i went to, he massacred Zakks solo's on 'Mama I'm Coming Home.' and I forget which song but also on a beloved RR solo. whoa, it was bad. in LA, however, he had the whole thing down, both songs. in 5 days. i was impressed. you could see the concentration on his face: he'd taken the time to learn the solo's. it really touched me. it's important! and it made the crowd roar!

the notes written for a song are the passion. the voice. the vision. a signature. they are sacred! who wants to hear it different? def not me.