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well, i look at it this way.

if i was to walk in my bedroom, and i was to find Ozzy there, or Gus G, lying back in satin sheets, the room bathed in candle light, a red rose on the bed, chocolate melting in a pot, with ripe juicy red strawberries chilled in a bowl...then Valentine's Day would be f*N fantastic indeed.

the day is nothing more then romance my friend. you're very young. give yourself time.

and sure, the one who held on gets hurt. so does the one who walks away. especially if it is something they do to avoid intimacy. however, the one who held on? perhaps they saw something that was worth holding onto. and in the long run? for holding on, they have no regrets. nothing wrong with believing in something even if someone else does not. you can't love always expecting something in return. sometimes you have to love freely, and relish when it comes back to you in measure for what you've given.