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There just isn't a lot out there right now. I have everything Zakk has put out and love BLS raw power, loved Wolfmothers 1st album, Cosmic Egg not as much... Chris Duarte is amazing along the SRV Hendrix blues/rock lines. But there's not a lot out there. Metal just aint metal anymore. Any band that screams incoherently or uses pre-recorded industrial garbage makes me sick.

These days I'm still mostly listening to all the good hard rock from late 60's to the late 80's. I'm always looking for new live recordings of my favorite bands, so it never gets old.

Pantera, King Diamond, early VH, early Metallica, Maiden, early Dokken, Slayer, Pantera, Deep Purple, Cream, Hendrix, lots of Zeppelin, Skid Row (Slave to the Grid kicks ass) \m/

R.I.P. Randy, Dime, Jimi, Bonzo, SRV