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Well I'm like the Rifleman, I shoot from the hip. So here goes. I gave this a week to settle in before commenting.

First, the biggest thing that was my takeaway is the lol I got from it.

Ozzy is 62, not 92. Although to a young teen this might seem he's got a foot in the grave, trust me from where I sit it is far from that. For perspective: the man runs circles around most men his age AND mine AND yours! So from a physical health standpoint I think a bit too much fatalistic mentality is coming out in your dream. He's not leaving us anytime soon. He has a HUGE lust for life, and honey? He's living it to the max. As he always has.

Second, I think the rest of the dream must have been sweet. I dream of him many times too. I guess it's the closest many of us will ever come to him. In our love for him that is a need for us to satisfy somehow. I've had all kinds of dreams...perhaps because I've had many more years to explore the nuances of exactly what I'd like a meeting to be with him.

Mainly? I'd love to just have him hold me. For about a half hour I think.