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For me it's Metallica, System of a Down, Godsmack, and now Slash. I'd lost touch with Slash for many, many, many long years. This tour with him was good. He's been reintroduced on the radar to so many of us rockers, it's awesome. His new stuff rocks.

The tops is Metallica. Can't explain it, but I end up loving every single note and word to all of their songs for some reason. It's like with Ozzy for me. This s*** sings to my soul. It's beautiful. Beyond understanding. Like each and every note is perfection, and it leaves me wondering exactly what is happening to hear it! James Hetfield and the boyz just rock. Even when James had become a total wasted idiot his music was still beyond belief. I felt sad for him just as I did for Ozzy... because the gift was still there but IMHO it was being dishonored and so were the fans. But...that's Hollywood -> sharks are always out there swimming around, trying to take down another rock God for the buck.

System of a Down is less than Metallica, but they really have something brilliant about them too. So does Sully Erna of the Smack. This 'Oracle' marm and his solo stuff (LMAO) WHAT IS THAT? LOL. So, he's on probation right now. LOL =o). And Slash? All I can say is WOW. He's just amazing! How did I lose sight of him. And THANK YOU OZZY for bringing him back into my heart again!