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I'm sorry Angel but for anyone who knows the original lineup what you are saying is just not based in 'knowing' the band. It is the SUM OF THE FOUR that >>IS<< Sabbath. Without any of the four elements it just isn't BLACK SABBATH. It's kind of like baking a cake - if you forget the egg or flour or water or oil you can bake something up but it is NEVER going to be the real deal. No, there is no reunion without all four. No other drummer, no other bass player, no other lead guitarist, no other singer.

Unless it is the four, it will not be.

I knew Geezer was going to do this from the start. His press releases with little hook stabs at Ozzy were kind of sending that signal. This was just him dinking out all Sabbath fans worldwide because he's so full of s*** and himself. Well? f*** HIM. He could get the f*** over himself and make fans really happy but he's got to play his little control and shame games. He won't make anything worth listening to from here forward, but Ozzy on the other hand? Always does.

What Geezer and Tony did with RJD (no offense to those who loved him) just wasn't even in the same league as what the original lineup could do. End of subject.