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A lot would depend on his vibe. The most important thing that I want to do to make him laugh, laugh together. I would love to listen and sing some Beetles songs with him(only if he had ear plugs).I really want to know his favorite things...gum, songs, food, etc, but I wouldnt annoy him with questions.We would probably talk about death, dogs, and drugs. Back in the day, I would have snorted a line off his third leg. I would attempt to rape him, if he would let me, and respect his wishes if he didnt. So many different fantasies from chilled, to crazy, to sensual, to animalistic. Anything would go. s*** just being next to him is enough. I want to thank him and explain in detail of how he saved me and how he was a huge impact in my life. John helped me become a strong and true person ....he rocks xoxoxo