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Hi darkblade,

I think Ozzy has spoken a tonne about this stuff in his songs?
How about, "Thank God For The Bomb?
or "Killer of Giants".

The problem, there was obviously an earthquake in Japan.
We have all seen the devestation.
The problem here is the Nukes!

Get rid of the Nukes!

We can harvest energy in many other ways in this world, but i guess nuclear is..umm,
perhaps, cheaper and more efficient?

But now look. Yes let's build Nukes all along the "Ring Of Fire" in the Pacific Rim.

No. Let's get rid of all nuclear power, and, yes I know, it would cost more to do,
but, what the hell did we do for the last million years for power going back to
the "Neanderthal" days???

You know why I believe Ozzy is the "Prince of Darkness". Not because he is evil,
rather, he is such lyrical genius, he can write a Masterpiece in the "Darkness".

Yes that means, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury. Just a piece of "rock chalk" and
a nice flat rock face to write a song or draw a picture. When the sun goes down, life still goes on.

Make sense to you? Probably not.

Go ahead blame Ozzy and Sharon for not speaking out on a natural occuring event that occurs several
thousand times of year world wide. Yes even in Canada we get Earthquakes. And we just happen to
have built a nuclear power station on a fault line that runs through Lake Ontario.

Brilliant eh?

The problem again is not the devestation. It's the Nukes, and like I said, Ozzy's lyrics have said evrything
he needs to say on this matter.

Listen to them (Ozzy's lyrics) for a change, or perhaps you do listen his lyrics but,umm..maybe you have misinterpeted them?

Anyhew, have a nice day darkblade.

P.S. you can respond to this in your normal fashion, but I'm not even going to read your response.
Cheers and Ozz Bless You!