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I know this seems to be a chick thread so far, but as a guy here's the gameplan for hanging with Ozzy for a day...

I havent dropped acid in about 20+ years, but I would again if I got to dose out with Ozzy...LOL! Maybe go to the zoo and video tape it. Ozzy tripping at the zoo would be a keeper.

Otherwise, just get baked and jam with him. It would be so cool playing Sabbath tunes on my guitar with him singing. Maybe play some songs I have and see if he could come up with any sick-assed lyrics for them. Then I'd probably just go hit a pub with him and get totally piss drunk and probably die laughing at all his stories and funny s*** he constantly says. The perfect night would end with us getting arrested and Sharon having to bail us out.

If I'm ever diagnosed with some terminal disease, I'm gonna let the folks at the 'Make a Wish Foundation' know this is what I have in mind.