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Yes darkblade, I am that far gone! So far gone you could not even comprehend!

And yes I just spoke on behalf of Ozzy. Because like "I" said. Ozzy has already said enough!

Too bad, so sad!

By the way darkblade, what have you been doing with your free time in the last few days?

Me,.I have been on the phone. I have been calling, Coke, Pepsi, Trident, Mars co. etc
begging them to turn off all the vending machines in Japan because are sucking up power
that is needed to help pump cold water onto the nuke plants so they don't melt down.

What have you been doing. Sitting back like another "Child Of The Grave" ? or what.

You go girl.

OZZ bless you my child.

P.S. Sorry darkblade, I sleep and wake up always, on the "right" side of the bed.